Viking market Jork at the marina Neuenschleuse, 21635 Jork

From May 18th to 21th 2023, the Jork Viking Market will take place for the 15th time. Over 400 Viking traders, craftsmen and fighters from all over Europe pitch their tents around a ring castle made of wood, which was specially built for the Viking market in Jork Neuenschleuse. The visitor can experience how people lived in the period from the 7th to the 11th century and immerse themselves in this special atmosphere.

Craftsmen and traders in authentic clothing offer their artistic work and goods, which have been made according to old traditions. You can find jewellery, helmets, clothing, fabrics, hides, woodwork, blacksmithing and a wide variety of weapons. There are many stands where you can get involved and learn about medieval handicrafts.
Viking fighters present their martial skills in show fights and present visitors with the various weapons that were used in battle at the time.
With a Viking ship, visitors can travel across the "sea" and row themselves. At an archery tournament with longbows, everyone can prove their skills and compete with others.

We will be musically accompanied at this market by the Danish band Krauka over the whole weekend.